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In December 1969, RM and Clarice Parks purchased a fuel business and became a Texaco Consignee. They started out with their son-in-law, Tim Callison, one truck driver, and an office secretary. Their customer base consisted of 12 Texaco stations and approximately 35 to 40 farm accounts. The bulk plant sold gasoline, diesel fuel, motor oil, weed oil, lubes and a line of products known as TBA (tires, batteries, and accessories). In the beginning, the plant’s monthly sales volume in gallons was approximately 130,000 gallons of all products combined.

RM Parks has a strong heritage of providing leadership in the fuel distribution business, and this heritage has provided a solid foundation for our team to continue providing quality products and services to our customers. The experiences gained by each manager working their way from the bottom up, has helped our management learn and understand every aspect of the business and has contributed to the company’s long-term success. RM Parks is committed to provide our customers with quality products and services.

Today, three generations of Parks are carrying on the family tradition of transporting gasoline and diesel fuel products throughout California. RM Parks is well positioned to continue to provide full service petroleum products and services to an increasingly diverse customer base. We are always exploring the latest industry trends and delivery methods as well as investing in sites throughout California.